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Thank you for visiting the Eagle Plastics website and the PETG page, we regard ourselves as one of the UK’s leading PETG suppliers. Our key differentiator is service, call us and find out.

Perfect For Many Uses

Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) is a clear/opal sheet produced from thermoplastic co-polymers, it offers excellent clarity and superb formability allowing a tremendous number of different and diverse applications. PETG is easily vacuum-formed, printed, bonded and polished. Because of its strong and glass like qualities it is fantastic for fabrication and used extensively for Point of Sale displays, protective covers, machinery guards and many other applications requiring clarity and impact resistance. PETG properties also include being sterile, which makes it the ideal material for use as a covering or packaging in the food and chemical industries.

The difference between HIPS and PETG?

Apart from the obvious difference in colour, they are made from two totally different polymers. However, they can both be thermo-formed and they can be used in the same way. The chemicals and additives used to form them are different. You can buy clear HIPS, but the clear HIPS has to be mixed and blended, meaning the clarity isn’t there. PETG gives it a glass clarity, which is why we use it.

Fully Recyclable

PETG is also fully recyclable – a property that is increasingly sought after, given the growing number of regulations on recycling that industrial businesses have to abide by, as well as many businesses’ growing awareness of the need to be environmentally friendly.

UV Protected PETG Available

We carry a large stock of PETG plastic that is readily available and also offer UV protected thermoplastic sheet, which are perfect for outdoor applications such as bus shelters. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we also offer a bespoke service on our thermoplastic sheets.

Efficient Service

Eagle Plastics Ltd is a long-standing supplier of PETG, having been established in 1996. Whatever your PETG uses, we can cut material to size quickly and accurately using our state-of-the-art equipment for a quality product every time.  

Please call 0116 276 6363 and speak to one of our team at Eagle Plastics Ltd, who will be happy to assist you with anything you need.


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SHEET SIZE 1372 x 660 (54″ x 26″)

1.00mm (040″)
1.50mm (060″)
2.00mm (080″)
3.00mm (120″)

SHEET SIZE 1830 x 1220 (72″ x 48″)

1mm (040″)

Fire Performance

Country Standard Classification
United Kingdom BS 476: Part 7 2
Germany DIN 4102-1 BS
France NFP 92-507 M4

SHEET SIZE 2050 x 1250 (80.75″ x 49.25″)

0.75mm (030″)
1.00mm (040″)
1.50mm (060″)
2.00mm (080″)
3.00mm (120″)
4.00mm (160″)
5.00mm (200″)
6.00mm (240″)

All items in this website are subject to quantity discount – please phone for information.

SHEET SIZE 2500 x 1250 (98.5″ x 49.25″)

1.00mm (040″)
1.50mm (060″)
2.00mm (080″)
3.00mm (120″)
4.00mm (160″)

PETG Meaning | The Answers Behind Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol

With over twenty years’ experience supplying thermoplastic sheeting, at Eagle Plastics we are proud to consider ourselves as experts in the trade. However, we understand that not all of our clients will know their ABS from their PETG which is where we can help. Using our own experience and in-depth knowledge of the materials on offer, we can lend our expert advice to help you choose the perfect thermoplastic that ticks all the right boxes. Once you have chosen your material, we’ll deliver it straight to your door via our own personal fleet of delivery vehicles – with Eagle Plastics you’ll receive excellent service from start to finish.