ABS Capped Acrylic

Eagle Plastics, a leading independent supplier of plastic sheeting, offer a wide range of thermoplastics, all available in different sizes, colours and thicknesses. Our bespoke service is also available to customers who have a specific shape or measurement requirement for their thermoplastic.

Whether you are a thermoplastic expert or not, the names, abbreviations, and properties of thermoplastic sheeting can often get confusing, and even more so, when you start combining them together.

Why make it more complex?

Some thermoplastics have the ability to be improved or to be made more adaptable to additional conditions, by combining them with other thermoplastics, which have stronger properties. Here at Eagle Plastics, we supply plastic sheeting that has been capped with another thermoplastic so it can be used in further applications.

ABS by itself is a strong thermoplastic, which is very durable and has a high chemical resistance. ABS capped acrylic, more commonly known as acrylic capped ABS, is a combined thermoplastic designed to exhibit the best properties from both ABS sheet and Acrylic sheet, to make a reliable, attractive, mouldable plastic.

Capping our already popular ABS with the strong and attractive looking acrylic thermoplastic makes the plastic an ideal product to be used in the automotive, agricultural and building sectors. The plastic is tough and rigid, with mouldable properties, whilst being extremely weather resistant.  It is also UV resistant, making it a popular choice to apply to outdoor projects.

Our ABS sheets capped with acrylic are available in a number of standard sizes and thicknesses. If you are looking for a unique measurement or shape for your ABS sheet, our bespoke services will be happy to assist with your requirements. The service will supply your plastic sheet matched to your exact colour, size and finish request. Opportunities are also available to enhance impact resistance, UV resistance, flammability, stability and conductivity on the thermoplastic.

Here to help

Here at Eagle Plastics, we understand that the variety of thermoplastic sheeting we stock, can be overwhelming and so we are more than happy to offer our expertise accompanied with over twenty years in the industry, to provide you with assistance in choosing which thermoplastic you will need. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable on thermoplastics and the properties that our plastic sheets all retain, and will offer professional recommendations or answers to any questions you might have. Please visit our website for more information on our ABS capped acrylic.

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