If you are looking for a tough, durable and reliable material, ABS plastic sheet UK may be the material you are looking for.

Here at Eagle Plastics, leading thermoplastic sheeting suppliers, we are proud to offer a wide range of thermoplastic sheeting suitable for many different applications and industry requirements.

Amongst the many different types of thermoplastic that we provide to our customers, we offer an extremely competitive ABS plastic sheet price.

What is ABS Sheeting?

It is a type of thermoplastic most popular for its strength and impact resistance.

Thermoplastics have a range of different properties that differentiate one from the next, and ABS is no exception to this.

It lends itself to an extensive selection of uses – both industrial and commercial. The thermoplastic has extremely high chemical and impact resistance whilst remaining light and therefore easily transportable.

One of the main factors which makes ABS sheet stand out amongst its competitors however, is the fact that its toughness does not falter under lower temperatures.

While some thermoplastics can either shatter or weaken when undertaking harsh weather conditions, ABS is able to remain strong throughout cold temperatures making it a highly durable and reliable type of material.

Where is ABS used?

Every type of thermoplastic possesses different properties that make the individual material ideal for specific applications and industries. In this case, the properties that ABS has such as toughness, and chemical resistance, make the thermoplastic a great material to use for water sporting equipment such as canoes.

In addition to this, the material’s high impact resistance makes it a trustworthy material to use for protective gear including helmet shields for motorcyclists.

There are also many different children’s toys made from ABS as the thermoplastic is highly robust making it a great base for products such as Lego bricks and children’s clarinets.

ABS Plastic Sheet Price at Eagle Plastics

Our ABS plastic sheet price will always depend on the quantity in which it is ordered, and whether or not it is a bespoke measurement, however we will always offer our customer’s the most competitive prices we can.

For more information on our ABS plastic sheet price visit our website. Or call to speak to a member of our helpful and experienced team.

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