What are ABS sheet properties?  What do plastic toys, builders’ hard hats, keys on your laptop or ventilation piping have in common?

They’re all manufactured out of one of the world’s strongest, most durable materials -Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

To give you an idea of this product’s popularity and durability, it’s reckoned there are now enough Lego bricks in the world for everyone to own almost 100 bricks. All of them originally made out of ABS sheet properties


Strong and durable

These ABS sheet properties have been responsible for supplying a variety of industries since the 1950s. The method of manufacture comprises an emulsion process that combines three distinct materials.  This ensures the final product is very strong and durable, with the ability to withstand high impacts, either from a storm or a vehicle collision.

It’s also flexible enough to be applied to a plethora of products.  From piping and hard hats to sleek non scratch table- top designs for offices and computer keys.


Unique flexibility

What’s also interesting about ABS sheet properties is the way that the high impact resistance can be engineered.  By increasing the properties of the constituent parts. For example, adding more polybutadiene over styrene and acrylonitrile.  

This can give ABS sheet properties a unique flexibility depending on the requirements. So by changing its components, ABS sheet properties offer a very different product to a wide range of customers.

ABS sheets high impact resistance qualities do not decline at low temperatures.  This ensures a stability not found in other similar manufactured products.  

ABS sheet properties are probably best known for their high impact resistance and toughness.  Many of the world’s cars have bumpers manufactured from ABS sheet.


We are the leading supplier..

Eagle Plastics is the leading supplier of ABS sheet properties in the Midlands, selling it to a number of industries. The ABS sheet comes in a number of colours from Grey Pinseal to White smooth and carbon fibre.

For further information on ABS Sheets, or any of the other thermoplastics sheet materials we supply please contact us now on 0116 276 6363 or read our blog about ABS Sheets.