If you are not an expert on thermoplastics then it can be hard to source the perfect one – particularly if you don’t know where to start. At Eagle Plastics, we consider ourselves experts in the trade, and we are always happy to extend our own knowledge and expert advice to our customers in order to ensure you leave with a product that ticks all the right boxes.


Thermoplastics at Eagle Plastics

Here at Eagle Plastics, we are proud to stock a wide range of different thermoplastic sheets suitable for use in many different applications, both commercial and industrial. Our sheeting is sourced from only the best manufacturers to ensure maximum quality and value each and every time. Our sheeting varies from Acrylic and Polycarbonate, to High Impact Polystyrene and PETG but one of our most popular thermoplastics is ABS sheet.


ABS Sheet UK – The Benefits

ABS sheet is very popular thanks to its many different properties, which make it suitable for a wide range of applications. ABS sheets are incredibly tough with a very high impact resistance, however it is still extremely light and is therefore easily transportable. The thermoplastic sheets are chemical and weather resistant which means that ABS plastic sheet material is perfect for outdoor applications. However, one of the most appealing factors that makes ABS sheet so well renowned is the fact that its high impact resistance does not falter or decrease under lower temperatures – this factor makes ABS sheet material stand out amongst its competitors.


ABS Applications

The thermoplastic’s vast range of properties enables ABS to be used in a wide variation of applications and industries. Its weather and chemical resistance makes the material an ideal one to use in the manufacturing of sports equipment. Its durability also means that it is often used to manufacture children’s toys such as Lego bricks, and musical instruments including clarinets. Due to its strong impact resistance, the material also lends itself to car bumpers, and protective headgear for construction sites and extreme sports.


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