Each year as the winter storms become more unpredictable and people as far apart as Cumbria to New Jersey flee their homes from floods and hurricanes, ABS sheets are one durable product helping to keep people safe.


Flood and storm protection

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) sheets are now being used on a number of houses in the US for flood and storm protection. The idea is that the sheets are laid over the exterior walls of traditional timber frames buildings, and on the underside of the floors.


Strong resistance

However, this is just one of the many uses of ABS sheets, which is polymerised by way of a process  of emulsion. This process of combining three materials into one gives ABS sheet a very strong resistance to either corrosive elements or impacts from an outside force.

So, as well as keeping you safe in your home while a hurricane rages outside, it can also protect you from the other hard knocks of life. For example, car bumpers are made out of this material.


Emulsion, suspension and continuous mass..

There are three characteristics of the polymerisation process. These are emulsion, suspension and continuous mass. The emulsion polymerisation process was commonly used in factories built up to the end of the 1970s, providing more flexibility in its product range than the mass process.

The batch emulsion is used in the production of high impact grades. More recently a more hybrid emulsion/mass process has been developed. This combines the emulsion and mass processes.

This has allowed for the manufacture of a huge range of products made out of ABS sheet.  


Simple to use

The ABS sheet is very easy to machine in long strips. It also has a low melting temperature that makes it simple to use for injecting moulds during the manufacture of products. These types of products can vary hugely.

They are not just sheets for housing, or bumpers for cars, but electrical appliances, surfaces for offices and factories and even children’s toys such as Lego bricks. Probably the most common applications for ABS sheets are the keys on your laptop.


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