Eagle Plastics is proud to say that we are an ABS supplier.  In an old blog we talked about how High Impact Polystyrene has been used in stereo speakers as shock absorbers. But another product that is famous for its shock absorption is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS Sheet).


Toughest and resistant products

The high impact absorption qualities of ABS involve some of the toughest yet most resistant products anywhere. For example, did you know that many staff working on building sites are wearing headgear made out of ABS? Likewise, a number of vehicle components, including car bumpers are using ABS. And Lego bricks, surely the most revolutionary shock absorber plastic in the world, uses ABS.


Supplying electrical too..

Elsewhere, we are an ABS supplier to the electrical and electronics industries. Both of these need surfaces that are highly resistant to scratches, general wear and tear and that are easy to maintain. As ABS has a very good antistatic performance, it’s particularly good on low impact surfaces.


Catering for every taste

As ABS suppliers, Eagle Plastics also helps to give modern offices a degree of design elegance. Maybe surprisingly to most people, ABS can create exciting and multifarious colour schemes and grades can be emboss-stamped or metallised. All these surfaces can be glossy, satin or matt, depending on the moulding equipment. As an ABS supplier, we can cater for every taste.


Most popular of all engineering polymers

Historically, ABS was first produced in various forms in the 1940s, but the real breakthrough using rubber (butadiene) as a third monomer came in the 1950s. These days because of the ease of processing and its flexibility, ABS has become the most popular of all the engineering polymers.


Easily recyclable

ABS is usually polymerised through a process of emulsion. This is where several products are brought together that don’t naturally exist side by side. As we live in a ‘green’ culture it is also worth mentioning that ABS is a thermoplastic material and as a result can be easily recycled. So a very common way of producing ABS is by creating it out of other products. 

With all this in mind, as an ABS supplier we here at Eagle Plastics like to think we’re going some way to make the world as a safer and more interesting place.  


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