ABS uses are probably the best guarantor in the world to protect and absorb any knock or scrape you have with another car’s offending bumper.  Sometimes the odd scrapes in your car are unavoidable, especially in slow moving traffic, which is why your car bumper generally takes the impact of the knock. Bumpers are built to absorb shock, which is why they’re manufactured out of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene (ABS sheet). This durable, high impact plastic can absorb extremely high impacts

ABS Uses on Different Products – Eagle Plastics Ltd

But car bumpers are only one of the many ABS uses for products that are used by all of us every day. As it’s tough, strong and surprisingly light, ABS uses actually come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll probably have used a number of products made out of ABS without giving it a second thought.


Used in many different ways

As well as bumpers on cars, ABS shock absorption products include white water canoes, golf club heads and – with children in mind – Lego bricks and plastic clarinets. ABS uses also involve manufactured products for pipe drains, particularly ventilation pipework, and protective headgear for industries as diverse as tree surgery and construction. ABS can also be used in many everyday kitchen appliances.

Other ABS uses include using sheets of it to protect homes and the underside of floors. This can be invaluable to your home during inclement weather, particularly violent storms.


Excellent durability and chemical resistance

At Eagle Plastics we produce ABS for a raft of different products. Along with the shock absorption, ABS can be excellent for durability and chemical resistance. Our ABS uses come in all shapes and sizes including smooth and embossed sheets, and in every colour you can think of. We also offer our customers virgin, flame retardant products and recycled sheeting.

With such a huge range to choose from, Eagle Plastics is proud that it’s able to supply such a versatile product to our customers.


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