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Acrylic Capped ABS

Eagle Plastics Limited has years of experience as thermoplastic manufacturers UK and we specialise in acrylic capped ABS. Our superior services cater to a wide range of different work sectors and our highly skilled team are the best in the business and enjoy being able to offer long-term solutions to our clients.

Different Sizes, Colours & Thicknesses Available

At Eagle Plastics Limited we are proud to have built up a strong portfolio of knowledge, experience and expertise over the years, alongside a solid reputation for delivering quality product, on time and at competitive prices. Our thermoplastic sheets UK are all available in different sizes, colours and thicknesses. Our bespoke service is also available to customers who have a specific shape or measurement requirement for their thermoplastic.

Acrylic Capped ABS or PMMA, displays the same versatility as standard ABS.

  • Suitable for many outdoor applications
  • Attractive finish
  • UV resistant

It is extensively used within the automotive, agricultural and building sectors. Typical applications are low volume automotive mouldings, enclosures, disability aides and shower trays.

High Chemical Resistance

ABS by itself is a strong thermoplastic, which is very durable and has a high chemical resistance. ABS capped acrylic, (sometimes known as acrylic ABS or ABS acrylic), is a combined thermoplastic designed to exhibit the best properties from both abs sheet and acrylic sheet, to make a reliable, attractive, mouldable plastic.

Extremely Weather Resistant

Capping ABS with acrylic thermoplastic makes it ideal for use in the automotive, agricultural and building sectors. Acrylic capped abs is tough and rigid, with mouldable properties, whilst being extremely weather resistant.  It is also UV resistant, making it a popular choice to apply to outdoor applications.

Bespoke Service Available

Our ABS capped acrylic thermoplastic sheets are available in a number of standard sizes and thicknesses but we also offer a bespoke service. We can supply made to size material that is matched exactly to your colour, grade and finish requirements with a short lead-time.

Range of Colours

White Acrylic Capped - 508   Silver Acrylic Capped - 090  


These colours are only a guide, please contact Eagle Plastics Limited for a colour swatch. We can supply a match in this material to most Pantone and RAL colours. Minimum order quantities apply.


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With over twenty years in the business our team know everything there is to know about thermoplastic UK. That’s why Eagle Plastics is a trusted and well-established business; dedicated to providing the best service we can each and every time. If you are interested in our acrylic capped ABS, or any other product or service here at Eagle Plastics, then please call one of our experts today on 0116 276 6363.  



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WHITE Acrylic Capped ABS

SHEET SIZE 2500 x 1250 (98.5″ x 49.25″)

2.00mm (080″) 4 sheets per pack
3.00mm (120″) 3 sheets per pack
4.00mm (160″) 2 sheets per pack

All items in this website are subject to quantity discount – please phone for information.

BLACK Acrylic Capped ABS

SHEET SIZE 2500 x 1250 (98.5″ x 49.25″)

2.00mm (080″) 4 sheets per pack
3.00mm (120″) 3 sheets per pack
4.00mm (160″) 2 sheets per pack

SILVER Acrylic Capped ABS

SHEET SIZE 2500 x 1250 (98.5″ x 49.25″)

2.00mm (080″) 4 sheets per pack
3.00mm (120″) 3 sheets per pack
4.00mm (160″) 2 sheets per pack
acrylic capped abs