Here at Eagle Plastics, we have decades of experience under our belts as a leading independent supplier of thermoplastic sheet materials.

Although we are located in the Midlands, our services extend nationwide, and we regularly supply thermoplastic sheets for both industrial and commercial use, up and down the county.


Thermoplastic sheeting at Eagle Plastics

Thermoplastics are types of plastic, which can become a liquid when melted and then solidify when cooled. Thermoplastics are commonly used in many different types of applications including toy manufacturing, protective headgear, POS displays and car parts.

Thermoplastics all vary in their properties and uses but here at Eagle Plastics we strive to offer as many different types as we can, in order to meet as many of our client’s requirements as we can.

Just some of the thermoplastics we can supply include, ABS, Recycled Polycarbonate, High Impact Polystyrene, PETG and Polypropylene. Alongside these thermoplastics, we are also proud to be acrylic sheet suppliers.


Acrylic Sheet Suppliers – High quality Acrylic every time!

As established acrylic sheet suppliers, we stock and supply some of the highest quality of acrylic around. Acrylic is a thermoplastic that is well renowned for its incredible versatility; it is a plastic that lends itself to many everyday objects as well as industrial projects.

Acrylic sheet is also popular for its attractive finish and at Eagle Plastics it is available in a wide variation of colours. Due to its very rigid and high impact resistance it is often used as a substitute for glass – many tanks and aquariums are made from acrylic due to its rigidness.  

Acrylic plastic is also used to make visors for motorbike helmets and because it is aesthetically pleasing with its high polished finish, you will also find it can be ideal for POS displays too.

Acrylic is very weather resistant making the plastic a good material to use for aircraft canopies and automotive lighting, but these are just a handful of examples.


Acrylic Sheeting at Eagle Plastics

Being experienced acrylic sheet suppliers we understand that many of our clients will already have a specific idea in mind when it comes to purchasing their plastic. Sourced from leading plastic manufacturers worldwide, using our bespoke service we can cut the plastic into the required acrylic sheet sizes, ensuring you have the perfect amount for your project.


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