Thermoplastics are plastic materials, polymers, which become soft when heated, and solidify when cooled. These properties can make some thermoplastics extremely mouldable, supplying them with countless applications.

From builder’s hats, to POS stands, thermoplastics are used in many day-to-day objects. When bought from suppliers, thermoplastics usually come in the form of plastic sheets.

Acrylic thermoplastic

One of the most versatile plastic sheeting we sell at Eagle Plastics is acrylic thermoplastic. Popular for its attractive finish and its variation in colours, acrylic sheeting is rigid and has good impact resistance.

Acrylic sheeting is often used as a sturdy substitute to glass. Tanks and aquariums benefit from the thermoplastic due to its strong rigid properties, and its high water resistance. Acrylic thermoplastic also makes strong and reliable visors for motorcycle helmets because of its high impact resistance. It exhibits a high polished finish, which makes acrylic sheeting ideal for signage and shop displays. Its strong weather resistance means that it can also be used to make aircraft canopies and automotive lighting.

At Eagle Plastics, our acrylic thermoplastic can be purchased in three different forms:

Extruded acrylic thermoplastic

This acrylic sheeting possesses a relatively strong chemical resistance. After laser engraving, extruded acrylic will appear matte grey. Extruded acrylic thermoplastic can be easily thermoformed, therefore is the ideal sheeting to use if your project involves moulding or altering the plastic to form a different three-dimensional shape. Extruded acrylic also possesses a much closer thickness tolerance in comparison to cast acrylic sheeting.

Cast acrylic thermoplastic

Cast acrylic sheeting has a greater chemical resistance than extruded acrylic. The plastic will appear matte white after laser engraving. This type of acrylic thermoplastic is not ideal for shaping and moulding as it is more difficult to thermoform, compared to extruded acrylic. It is also harder to flame polish.

ABS Acrylic

Here at Eagle Plastics we offer acrylic capped ABS. ABS is a popular, lightweight thermoplastic that exhibits high impact resistance and a strong mechanical toughness. Acrylic capped ABS opens even more opportunities for ABS, as it gives the plastic an aesthetically appealing finish. Available in various colours, ABS acrylic sheeting is commonly purchased for use in consumer products such as toys, household appliances, and outdoor furnishings.

If you are interested in our thermoplastic sheeting or in particular our acrylic sheeting, then please visit our website at acrylic sheet for more information on colours, sizes and prices or call one of our experts today on 0116 276 6363.  

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