signage overview

Plastics are widely used to create signage; whether that’s acrylic being used to form indoor or outdoor signs or banners for corporate buildings. Plastic offers a flexible, durable and popular choice due to its cost-saving benefits, with acrylic a fashionable option for its modern and professional look.

Signage is crucial to direct people (wayfinding around buildings such as hospitals), draw attention (for attracting people to purchase such as point of sale advertising), to communicate a message, or help build a corporate identity.

There is virtually unlimited use for plastics within signage – internal, external positioning, high heat and varied climates; it’s ideal for them all.

McDonalds shop sign made from Thermoplastic sheet

uses & limitations

Thermoplastics are used widely to create signage. They can enhance safety by being highly reflective, provide directions, or alert to warnings. Due to the nature of the properties, thermoplastic signage is both durable, and cost-effective when compared to more traditional materials such as metal or wood.


Shop signage close-up produced by thermoplastic sheet

signage uses

Look around you and chances are there are signs. Signs of where to go, what to avoid, information signs, warning signs. Signs are around our everyday life to help guide traffic and people.

Emergency sign close up made from thermoplastic sheet

signage limitations

why use eagle

We literally sleep and breathe thermoplastic sheeting. All of the team do. We share a passion that has developed over our 25 year heritage to ensure we offer the best technical advice, the most professional support and fastest response times.

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