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Five common questions on ABS answered

How toxic is ABS plastic? This question is one of many that people have about ABS thermoplastic. As a leading supplier of thermoplastic sheeting, we’ve got plenty of knowledge and expertise to offer our customers who want to know about thermoplastics. We know that...

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Common questions about ABS answered

  Is ABS recyclable? What colours can ABS be bought in? Can ABS be used in extreme temperatures? What does ABS stand for? These are just a few of the many questions that some of our customers have about acrylonitrile butadiene styrene sheet material. Luckily for...

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What are the benefits of using ABS?

If you are wondering what the benefits of ABS are, then you have come to the right place. As a leading supplier of thermoplastic sheeting – including ABS plastic sheet – we have established a highly in-depth knowledge and understanding of the materials we supply. With...

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Where to buy ABS sheet plastic

Are you looking for an ABS wholesalers? Here at Eagle Plastics, we are proud ABS suppliers and can offer thermoplastic solutions to meet a wide scope of requirements. When it comes to thermoplastics, you can trust that with over twenty years in the industry, we can...

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Using ABS sheet plastic | What can it offer you?

ABS sheet plastic is one of the most versatile of thermoplastics on the market – which is why here at Eagle Plastics, we are proud to stock and sell it in small and large quantities. When it comes to thermoplastics, we have over a decade of experience under our belts....

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Liza set to fly at Eagle Plastics!

Liza Jones is the most recent addition to join the Eagle Plastics Limited team. She has been recruited to further expand the company’s sales potential of thermoplastics sheeting in to the North of the UK. Liza was handpicked due to her relevant industry experience and...

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