High impact polystyrene products come in all shapes and sizes – the range is endless, so it’s worth listing items that can be produced out of our plastics:

  • Packaging moulds
  • Cutting boards
  • Sanitary products
  • Chemical tanks
  • Mouldings for cars and trucks
  • Point of sale displays
  • In-store promotional signage
  • Food utensils.

The reason why high impact polystyrene products are used in so many industries is because of its versatility.

The polystyrene sheet is made according to the high impact polystyrene product which needs to be created. It is thermoformable from 100 to approx. 190 degrees Celsius, but the temperature generally depends on the type of product that is being manufactured. So the end result is a high impact polystyrene product that is easy to cut, bend and drill into.

The plastic is also easily managed for colouring changes, so it can be dyed into a variety of different colours, according to customers’ needs.


Green guarantee

As our polystyrene products are recyclable, it also benefits our customers that high impact polystyrene products are generally good for the environment – and this is not lost on our customers’ customers. In our increasingly green age, these products are not only eminently sellable, but come with a green guarantee.

Moreover, they are shatterproof and can withstand extremes of temperatures, from well below freezing to above average heat. You can also be assured that high impact polystyrene products are safe, particularly around children. These items do not break easily and can withstand the attentions of even the most heavy-handed.


Foremost supplier of high impact polystyrene

Here at Eagle Plastics we pride ourselves on our ability to produce high impact polystyrene products for all our customers.

We’re the foremost supplier of high impact polystyrene in the Midlands, based in our Leicester factory. Our high impact polystyrene products come in various shapes and sizes and colours. In short, we can supply you with anything that you would want.

We also have a bespoke offering which can supply even the most idiosyncratic sizes and colours. For the more standardised products we have a warehouse packed with high impact polystyrene product that can be shipped to our customers at a moment’s notice – either the same day or the following day. Whatever suits you.


Give us a call

For more information on the high impact polystyrene products supplied by Eagle Plastics Limited just call us on 0116 276 6363 or visit our factory or website. You can also take a look at our previous blog update on High Impact Polystyrene Definition to find out more about HIP.