The properties behind High Impact Polystyrene structure make HIPS one of the most popular choices of thermoplastic on the market.

There are lots of different types of thermoplastics which all differ in their properties and structure – it is both of these factors which determine what type of application the material is most appropriate to be used for.

What is a thermoplastic?

A thermoplastic is a type of plastic material which can become mouldable upon heating and solidify once cooled. Thermoplastics are something which you will most likely come across on a daily basis as they are used to create an all-manner of both industrial and household items.

Here at Eagle Plastics, we are proud to offer a wide variation of thermoplastics to choose from, including the well renowned High Impact Polystyrene.


High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Styrene, more commonly known as HIPS is a type of thermoplastic which has been rubber-modified from its former version of General Purpose Polystyrene. It’s increased rubber content means that it exhibits a much higher impact strength than its original form.

The material is incredibly versatile and is a cost-effective solution to many different manufacturing purposes due to its extensive list of properties.


High Impact Polystyrene Structure

High Impact Polystyrene structure is made from a series of different properties which make it a very reliable and durable thermoplastic. As stated before, its high rubber content ensures the material is strong and shock-proof.

This also means that HIPS is simple to vacuum form and bends and moulds easily. The material also benefits from being aesthetically pleasing too, with its amorphous properties allowing it to be painted and decorated to suit the purpose.


Common Applications of HIPS

HIPS sheet plastic is commonly used in applications which require strength, flexibility and machinability. Typical examples of its applications include Point of Sale displays, in-store promotional signage, handling trays, machine housing and parts, and automotive components.


HIPS at Eagle Plastics

Here at Eagle Plastics we stock HIPS UK sheeting in a wide range of colours, sizes and thicknesses to accommodate as many different applications as we can.

However, we understand that sometimes our customers will be looking for something specific, which is why our bespoke service is also on hand, ready to tailor thermoplastic sheeting to meet your exact requirements.


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