Eagle Plastics are one of the country’s leading High Impact Polystyrene suppliers, with decades of experience providing the thermoplastic sheeting to a wide range of industries. As experts in the trade, we have got the skills, stock, and experience to be able to offer high quality hips sheeting to an all manner of different industrial and commercial applications – big or small. Thermoplastic materials are one of the most reliable resources to use when it comes to manufacturing products and supporting projects, and here at Eagle Plastics, we can supply you with the best forms of the material that is guaranteed to tick all the right boxes for what you need it to do.


What is HIPS?

So what is High Impact Polystyrene? HIPS, which stands for High Impact Polystyrene is one of many different types of thermoplastics. It falls into the ‘thermoplastics’ category because it is made from plastic polymers which allow it to melt when heated and solidify when cooled. Thermoplastics are ideal for manufacturing purposes as once they have melted, they become malleable and can be bent and shaped into all sorts of different forms depending on the application it needs to be used for. HIPS plastic is a rubber modified version of General Purpose Polystyrene and therefore has some improved properties than make it better than its original form.


What are the properties of HIPS?

HIPS plastic properties are incredibly desirable for a wide range of purposes, which is why the thermoplastic is used across many different industries. The thermoplastic has an incredibly tough exterior and interior and can be moulded, produced and sold in many different shapes and products. It has a high tensile strength and can be re-moulded over and over again, whilst retaining its strength, giving the material endless uses. Due to its ability to continue being used, the plastic is also recyclable – making it perfect for those customers or businesses who are environmentally conscious. HIPS can undergo many different manufacturing techniques such as extrusion and plastic injection moulding to be shaped into whatever form you require. As experienced High Impact Polystyrene suppliers we can supply HIPS in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses for efficiency and ease of transportation.


Where can HIPS be used?

HIPS is used in many day-to-day objects and you will most likely encounter the material on a regular basis. Its strength, versatility and durability make it the go-to plastic to use in promotional and marketing purposes, and you will find most indoor signage and Point of Sale stands made from it. Its mouldable properties mean that it is also used in children’s toys, custom-made enclosures and bathroom cabinets.

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