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What is it?

HIPS – which stands for High Impact Polystyrene – is a type of thermoplastic that is used in both commercial and industrial applications. It is a rubber modified version of GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene) and therefore exhibits a much higher impact strength than its predecessor. The thermoplastic is well renowned for its strength and versatility and provides a cost-effective route of production for a wide variety of manufacturing industries.


What properties does High Impact Polystyrene have?

High Impact Polystyrene is shock proof and incredibly strong and resistant against impact. Due to the fact that it is made with rubber, the thermoplastic is highly mouldable and can be bent into various shapes and products with great ease. It can also undertake various manufacturing processes such as vacuum forming, extrusion and plastic injection moulding and will still retain its strength and durability once reshaped. HIPS offers fantastic aesthetics advantages too; it boasts amorphous properties that allow the material to undergo various finishing processes such as painting and decorating and therefore can be completely personalised to suit the purpose.


Why use HIPs?

Due to its long list of advantageous properties, HIPS remains as one of the most versatile thermoplastics on the market. The material is undoubtedly a worthy investment if you are looking for a strong and reliable material than can be remoulded again and again. If you are an establishment that is conscious about the environment, High Impact Polystyrene could be the ideal material to use for your project – its ability to retain its malleability and strength means you can re-use the material again and again, therefore making it a recyclable material. HIPS offers manufacturers and other industries an economical solution to creating plastic products, without compromising on quality, strength or durability.


High Impact Styrene applications

High impact styrene is used in a wide range of day-to-day applications in all sorts of industries including the toy manufacturing, marketing and furniture production industries. It’s flexibility and toughness means it is an ideal material to use in the making of children’s toys – supported by the fact HIPS can be made in a variety of different colours. Easily thermoformed, it is a common material to make Point of Sale displays from, and you will often find that most marketing materials in shops and events are made from the thermoplastic too.


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