When it comes to choosing the perfect thermoplastic for your project or application, with the huge range of thermoplastics available, it can be hard to know where to start. Here at Eagle Plastics, leading suppliers of thermoplastics, we are proud to lend our knowledge and expertise to our clients in order to help them find a material that is right for them. With years and years of experience under our belts, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the thermoplastic industry and the properties that define each type of thermoplastic. Using this level of expertise, we will answer any questions and queries you may have on thermoplastics including; is high impact polystyrene a thermoplastic?


Is High Impact Polystyrene a Thermoplastic?


Is high impact polystyrene a thermoplastic? – Yes. High impact polystyrene, more commonly known as HIPS, is a rubber modified version of General Purpose Polystyrene and therefore bears some similar qualities. In addition to these however, HIPS sheet material has a much higher strength than its previous form, which means it lends itself to many more applications. High Impact Polystyrene sheet material has the ability to be re-moulded again and again, which makes it a brilliant thermoplastic to use for companies who are trying to be environmentally friendly as it is recyclable. Its extreme moulding properties also creates endless uses for the material time and time again.


HIPS Applications


Now the question ‘Is high impact polystyrene a thermoplastic?’ has been answered, we can move on to the thermoplastic’s uses and applications. Due to its strength and durability, HIPS is one of the most versatile yet cost effective thermoplastics on the market. Most people will see HIPS on a daily basis, as it has become the predominant material for promotional and marketing displays. The thermoplastic lends itself to promotional signs for indoor stores and events, Point of Sale displays and kiosks. Elsewhere in the manufacturing industry, its mouldable qualities make it the ideal material for children’s toys, bespoke enclosures and housings and handling trays. Its wide scope of applications is down to the thermoplastic’s high tensile strength and malleability.


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Here at Eagle Plastics, we are extremely proud to supply such a versatile thermoplastic. HIPS is sold in sheets for ease of transportation and application, and is available in a large selection of sizes and thicknesses. Our bespoke service is also on hand to deal with any specific measurements.

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