PETG sheet- From a humble beginning as a PETG sheet can come an array of products.  

Walkers is one of – if not the most – famous business to come from Leicester. The snack maker has been a constant in the city for more than 100 years, and its products are enjoyed in their millions across the UK and beyond.

Its crisps can be seen on point-of-sale stands in supermarkets and shops around the country. These stands have been moulded into shapes that are designed to be as eye-catching as possible – after all, their raison d’etre is to get us, the consumers, to look at what it contains and then buy it.


Suppliers for more than 20 years

It is a far cry from how the point-of-sale stand starts out in life as a PETG sheet but that PETG sheet also comes from the same city as the crisps that sit on the finished stand. Eagle Plastics has been supplying PETG sheets for more than 20 years from our base in Leicester, and are proud to see what the base material can become.

But this is just one product that a PETG sheet can be moulded into. For instance, smoking shelters have become a common site outside workplaces, pubs and public amenities in the past few years since the smoking ban was introduced. PETG sheets are often moulded into these shelters because it is hardwearing, transparent and fireproof – as well as waterproof, given how often it rains in this country!


Range of processes

What makes PETG sheets so popular as a material is because of the range of processes that can be used on it: PETG sheets can be cut, drilled, vacuum formed, printed, polished, bonded and glued.

At Eagle Plastics, we stock PETG sheets in a range of sizes, including 1372 x 660 (54″ x 26″), 2050 x 1250 (80.75″ x 49.25″) and 2500 x 1250 (98.5″ x 49.25″) and different thicknesses.


Best value for money

We can also cut PETG sheets to order using our cutting-edge (pun intended) computerised equipment, which ensures an accurate and quick cut with the optimum yield to ensure best value for money.

For more information on the PETG sheets that Eagle Plastics supplies, give us a call on 0116 276 6363 or email us at To read more about PETG you can find out information on PETG properties in our last blog update.