Ask the average person on the street what polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) is, and the odds are you’ll get a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders. But PETG uses are many and can be found in numerous household products and shops.

Everything from lipsticks to sunglasses and machinery guards to supermarket trolley shelters use PETG – it really does have a myriad of uses.

Eagles Plastics – PETG uses

PETG is a clear sheet product, similar to glass and PVC, but is also tough – a property it retains at low temperatures – and fire resistant. It also has a high level of chemical resistance so it has been approved for use with foodstuffs and in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Easy to print on..

It is also easy to machine and fabricate and it can be printed on, which makes PETG uses ideal for one of its most common products – point-of-sale stands. Point-of-sale stands are the brightly coloured, eye-catching stands that you often see close to the checkouts in supermarkets and newsagents, usually selling big brands and convincing us, the consumers, that we need to buy something we never realised we wanted in the first place.

Point-of-sale stands are a boon to shopkeepers, and PETG is ideal because it can be crafted into any shape and any colour, but it is still hardwearing. You can also do more with PETG uses than with metal, which is the traditional material that point-of-sale stands have been made from.


Long-standing supplier

Eagle Plastics Ltd is a long-standing supplier of PETG, having been established in 1996. Whatever your PETG uses, we can cut material to size quickly and accurately using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our home city of Leicester is a big market for our products, but we have customers from across the country, including Scotland and Ireland.


Find out more..

For more information on PETG uses and products that Eagle Plastics supplies, call 0116 276 6363. To find out more about the other products that Eagle Plastics supplies, including high-impact polystyrene, recycled polycarbonate and acrylic sheet, and its other bespoke services, our last blog update was on ABS suppliers.