There are hundreds of polystyrene properties and uses, most of which you wouldn’t even recognise exist in your home from day to day. From children’s toys and plastic cutlery to computer housings and protective packaging. Standard and sheet polystyrene has got to be one of the most versatile and cost-effective plastics on the market.


Suit the needs of different products

Polystyrene itself can be manufactured in many different forms to suit the needs of different products. For example, the plastic wall covers which surround hockey pitches would require high impact polystyrene plastic to withstand the impacts from the the game. HIPS plastic offers this tensile strength, whereas low impact polystyrene, which is aerated with CO2, is used for much less durable things, such as signage or packaging.


Main properties of polystyrene

Most polystyrene properties and uses are visible within your own home but what is it that makes it so useful?… Here’s a list of the main properties of polystyrene and the applications that these allow for:

  1. High tensile strength (HIPS plastic) – can withstand high impact and stands the test of time, so ideal for homewares such as shelving or electronic audio-visual equipment, sports pitch surrounds, general protective purposes. This includes the housing of cigarettes and alcohol in shops kiosks as it is a high-impact, protective material that ensures the products are safe.
  2. Thermoplastic malleability – easily moulded into different shapes so possible to make hundreds of different products, ranging from children’s toys to home ware cutlery or product prototypes/ 3D printing.
  3. Recyclable – polystyrene doesn’t thermoset so can be melted and remoulded time and time again, which is great for the environment!
  4. polystyrene properties and uses Insulation – when aerated with CO2 to provide the ordinary polystyrene we see used to package most high value parcels – this type of polystyrene has become a great insulator of heat so can be used around the home or in food delivery processes.



Polystyrene properties and uses don’t stop there, it can also be used for computer housings, point-of-purchase displays, bathroom cabinets, TV casings, bicycle trailers, thermoformed machine housings and parts, packaging, fixtures, hot and cold drinking cups and much much more.



Competitively priced plastics

Here at Eagle Plastics Limited we’re renowned for supplying competitively priced plastics for all types of high impact polystyrene uses. We can manufacture matt and gloss, white and black, as sheets of polystyrene which can be easily fabricated and vacuum formed.


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