Polypropylene (PP) is similar in property to Polyethylene (PE) although slightly harder and more heat resistant. Polypropylene is the world’s second most widely produced commodity plastic and used within vacuum forming due to its versatility.

Polypropylene is found in just about every market sector that uses plastics.

It has a high melting point making it used for many microwave containers. It does not react to water, detergents or acids meaning that it will not break down easily.

It is resistant to cracking, even when flexed meaning it is used in lots of hinges and is durable. Polypropylene is, in fact, a great all-rounder!

It can be melted and reformed into pellets and then formed into new products to reduce the waste to landfill and become re-shaped and formed into storage containers, cooking utensils, car batteries, and medical equipment, making it the superhero of plastics.

Reduce, Reuse, Respect Recycle.

Polypropylene sheet samples from Eagle Plastics


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Automotive Interior & Exterior

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Home Appliances

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Machine Components

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Pipes & Fittings

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Architecture Models

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Signs, Displays & POS

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Film & Stage Production

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Medical / Surgical

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Shop Fitters / Construction

finishes & colours

We can supply a wide variety of both finishes and colours as well as colour matching to your exact colour requirement. See below for examples of the standard colours our Polypropylene comes in before colour matching. 

Please contact our team for pack quantities and sizes available. Minimum orders quantities apply.

white finish sample
black finish sample
Natural colour sample
beige colour sample
bespoke colours sample

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We literally sleep and breathe thermoplastic sheeting. All of the team do. We share a passion that has developed over our 25 year heritage to ensure we offer the best technical advice, the most professional support and fastest response times.

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