Recycled polycarbonate RPC is a particular type of polycarbonate (which has been recycled, as the name suggests) designed for thermoforming or fabrication. The base of the material is usually from regrind, whereas the top layer is the same as on the original, untouched material.

Typically, recycled polycarbonate RPC consists of a black carbon look, which is an excellent absorber of UV rays, protecting the material effectively when used outdoors. The resulting material has high impact strength, high temperature resistance and is very easily reformed — all at a relatively low price compared to many other materials.

Recycled polycarbonate RPC is often used in automotive components where high temperatures are likely, such as under bonnet areas and in robust transit trays. The specific properties of recycled polycarbonate makes it ideal for these types of uses.

The material can be provided in sheet sizes of 2050 x 1250mm, with thicknesses of either 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm. We offer a variety of forms of embossing, but no minimum quantities are required with our regular pinseal-embossed surface on one side and a smooth gloss finish on the other.

Eagle Plastics is a leading supplier of thermoplastic sheet materials, with a wide range of other products alongside our recycled polycarbonate RPC. As we are located in the Midlands, we are able to reach all areas of the country with ease, even offering our own fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure that your order reaches you quickly and effectively.

With a large, comprehensive amount of stock stored in our warehouse we can cut popular materials to size very quickly and accurately, giving you the best possible value and allowing us to get your order to you either the next day or even the same day. This is a level of service that not many other companies are able to provide, and is one of the reasons why so many of our customers come back to us time and time again.

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