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Eagle Plastics supply to a wide variety of film, stage and set production companies who use our thermoplastic sheeting that can be moulded and transformed into all manner of props. Watch any box office smasher and the chances are that the props are made from thermoplastic sheets.

Quality and reassurance of the quality of the plastic is key, as many of the props are one-offs, unique and labour intensive to produce. Breakages would be costly. Here at Eagle we only stock the highest-grade plastics from the most reputable manufacturers where the provenance is traceable. Your reputation is our reputation.

Our range of products are used within this sector and include;

Thermoplastic sheets have unlimited use within the film and prop making industry. Costumes, masks, jewellery, creating scenery. The list is virtually limitless as the benefits that thermoplastics provide over conventional scenic moulding and materials are numerous. They can be quicker to make, with faster set up and drying times. They don’t produce any unpleasant or toxic fumes to provide a cleaner atmosphere and work environment.

On the downside, they can prove expensive to use but when you bear in mind lack of waste and the fact that the offcuts can be reheated and reused, then the advantages we feel, far out way the disadvantages.

There are a variety of thermoplastic products that are ideal within this sector.

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We supply a number of different thermoplastics for a variety of uses. We can provide plastics in many different colours and finishes for your specific requirements. Please see below the plastics that we provide for film & stage production:

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We literally sleep and breathe thermoplastic sheeting. All of the team do. We share a passion that has developed over our 25 year heritage to ensure we offer the best technical advice, the most professional support and fastest response times.

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