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Food. Whether that’s during the production process, packaging, transportation, storage, retail or final consumption, chances are that plastic will be used along the supply chain in a variety of forms depending on its function.

Plastic can be used to extend the shelf life of food, protect against external contamination and therefore consequently reduce food waste. It can hygienically protect and preserve perishable food products during the whole supply chain.

The thermoplastics that are being used in the food industry, can help drive innovation.

Certainly here at Eagle Plastics, we have been involved in a number of ‘thinking outside the box’ projects that have helped drive logistic and financial improvements. For one major online store we used a polypropylene solution to reduce the amount of packaging being used, by literally doubling the storage container capacity. Now think beyond that initial doubling of the capacity, (and reduced man hours to pack more into less) on to loading the lorries and here again, the financial savings will be significant. More product packed into the same space will reduce the number of lorry loads and of course the carbon emissions. That’s saving all round!

What type of plastics are used in the food industry?

There are many different types of thermoplastics that are used in food processing and its supply chain. There are plastics that can help protect the product during transport, plastics that prolong the products life during stock and storage.

The key thermoplastics sheets that we wholesale include;

  • Polypropylene (PP) has a recycling number 5 / resin ID code 5. It is stiffer and less brittle than other plastics and can be translucent, opaque or coloured. It generally has a high melting point and used for containers (yoghurt pots, cream cheeses) and prescription drug bottles. It is recyclable so check before binning!
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has a recycling number 2 / resin ID code 2. It is a hard opaque plastic that is strong and lightweight commonly used for juices, milk, syrups and grocery bags. It is recyclable so….. guess what…. check before binning!
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has a recycling number 1 / resin ID code 1

This is a lightweight, semi-rigid or rigid plastic used where more impact resistance is required. It’s commonly used in food packaging, single-serve water bottles, ketchup, vitamin bottles, and peanut butter jars. It is recyclable so again, check before binning!

PET and PETG are generally used for food packaging whilst HIPS are used for fridge components, coffee machines and cup lids.

Look closer at that vending machine next time you buy, and we bet that there are plastic components (visible or hidden within the mechanics) that are being used due to their durability and ease of manufacture.

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We supply a number of different thermoplastics for a variety of uses. We can provide plastics in many different colours and finishes for your specific requirements. Please see below the plastics that we provide for food:

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