plastic sheet used in the leisure industry

Look around any leisure centre, sports facility or fitness club and you’ll see a plethora of plastics being used to create all manner or equipment.

It is lightweight, easy to mould, load-bearing capabilities make plastic the material of choice, replacing older traditional wood, or metal.

From handheld weights, step blocks, through to the sanitary ware in the changing rooms, plastics are everywhere.

Easy to clean, durable and ideal for adding colour, plastics have revolutionised sports in recent years. Used in clothing, footwear, safety equipment, seating, running tracks, whistles, goal nets, racquets, and helmets, plastics offer protection, can enhance performance, or improve appeal.

Plastic can help with cushioning, reduce shock vibration, and used for more than 50 years by toymakers to manufacture sports and leisure goods for children.

Plastic – the durable, flexible, and cost-efficient material that can be used indoors and outdoors, on land or in water, in solid form or malleable.

‘What plastics are used within the leisure industry?’

There are a selection of plastics that Eagle Plastics can supply that are purchased to create leisure products. Here are some;

ABS has low toxicity and easy pigmentation which make it an ideal material to manufacture toys. Couple that with its high and low-temperature resistance and shock resistance and it’s easy to see why ABS is used for outdoor use.

HDPE offers many benefits for use within the leisure industry. It does not sustain bacterial growth and is easy to clean. It resists wear, is abrasion resistant making it durable. Nor will it corrode. It has a high impact strength, warm to the touch and is virtually unbreakable. Look around your local swimming pool and chances are that the grills, grates, poolside furniture ramps and steps are all manufactured from this great ‘all-rounder!’

Polypropylene is widely used within the sports and leisure industry. It’s tough, has good fatigue, chemical and heat resistance. Think ropes, clothing, matting, trampolines, skateboards, nets, and balls.

UV stabilised can be added during the manufacturing process for products that are intended for prolonged use outdoors or in differing climates such as garden furniture and play equipment. Adding a UV absorber will help protect the product from damage created by UV light.

two ladies running on gym machine made from plastic
closeup of running track made from plastic sheet parts

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We supply a number of different thermoplastics for a variety of uses. We can provide plastics in many different colours and finishes for your specific requirements. Please see below the plastics that we provide for leisure uses:

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