Here at Eagle Plastics, we have got over two decades of experience in thermoplastics, allowing us to cater for a wide range of small and large scale applications.

As one of the country’s leading suppliers of thermoplastics, we stock a huge range of thermoplastic sheeting – including the popular PETG.

Like all of our thermoplastics, PETG is available to buy in numerous different sizes and thicknesses, so you’ll be able to purchase exactly what you need from us.

Whether you need the material for a commercial project or an industrial one, you can be sure that the team at Eagle Plastics will find you the perfect thermoplastic solution.

Using PETG for your requirements

What is PETG? If you are new to the world of thermoplastics, the many variations available can be a little overwhelming and you may find yourself looking for answers to these types of questions.

Here at Eagle Plastics we can provide you with the answers and more, and are on hand to lend you our own expert knowledge – built up from spending over twenty years working with thermoplastics.

PETG plastic is one of our most popular choices of thermoplastics and after learning about it, you may find that it is the perfect thermoplastic for your requirements too!

What is PETG and what does it stand for?

What is PETG? PETG stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol and is a type of material made from thermoplastic polymers. It is a clear/opal coloured thermoplastic which can be heated in order to become mouldable and once cooled, the thermoplastic then solidifies.

The properties of PETG thermoplastic

The PETG material boasts numerous different properties which make it ideal for use in a diverse range of applications. It has excellent clarity and formability properties, which means that the thermoplastic can be easily moulded and shaped into different forms – perfect for making different components to a project.

PETG can also be vacuum-formed, printed, polished and bonded; these processes are beneficial for applications which require a change to the material’s aesthetics. The thermoplastic also has a high impact resistance and is sterile. The PETG melting point is between 220 – 290 degrees.

Using PETG

Due to the thermoplastic’s desirable combination of properties, PETG can be used across a whole host of different applications. The ability to print and vacuum-form means it makes a great material to use for marketing purposes, often being to go-to plastic to make Point of Sale Displays from as well as signage.

Having a high impact resistance has meant that material is regularly used for protective covers, machinery guards and face shields.

Because of its sterile properties, PETG is used in packaging for food and chemicals, it can also be used in the medical industry too – usually to make test tubes and bottles from.

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