What you need to know about High Impact Styrene Sheet material

HIPS product sample

There are lots of different thermoplastics on the market – including high impact styrene sheet. Thermoplastics can be applied to all sorts of day-to-day applications, but you’ll also find that the materials are used to manufacture various objects and parts and equipment. Here at Eagle Plastics, as leading high impact polystyrene suppliers, we’ll happily guide you through everything you need to know about thermoplastics; so you can be sure that you are going to purchase one that meets all of your requirements.

High impact styrene sheet explained

High impact styrene sheet, often known as HIPs, is a type of material that is made from plastic polymers. Like all thermoplastics, the plastic polymers in the bonds allow the material to melt, cool and solidify when exposed to certain temperatures. Using different temperatures to control their physical form, they can be easily shaped and manipulated to create the desired object. High impact polystyrene is a rubber modified version of general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) – the addition of rubber into the formula increases the amount of strength and impact resistance the material has. The increase and enhancement of these useful properties therefore mean that the thermoplastic can be used in a much wider range of applications and environments.

Advantages of HIPS

High impact polystyrene is a very malleable type of thermoplastic, and it’s the material’s malleability that makes it one of the most go-to thermoplastics on the market for manufacturing purposes. HIPS can be moulded over and over into countless different shapes and objects, and still retain its defining properties. This means that no matter how often it is reshaped, the thermoplastic will still be just as strong and durable. The surprisingly light material also boasts a high impact resistance and tensile strength. Its ability to be fabricated repeatedly means that HIPS is also considered recyclable – this is ideal if you or your company are conscious about the environment and your carbon footprint. Another advantage of HIPS is the fact that it can be made in different colours and variations. As leading high impact polystyrene sheet suppliers, we stock the thermoplastic in an extensive range of colours and thicknesses – so you can be sure to find exactly what you need with us.

Using high impact polystyrene for your project

All of the properties belonging to HIPS make the material suitable for a wide scope of applications. Its strength and impact resistance make HIPS a perfect material to make children’s toys out of. With so many colours and attractive finishes to choose from however, it also remains one of the most common thermoplastics to create marketing and promotional displays with. Many Point of Sale displays and shop signage will be made from high impact polystyrene.

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