plastic recycling

We advocate – Reduce, Reuse, Respect, Recycle.

Here at Eagle Plastics, we have an environmental conscience, and keen to play our part in protecting our planet.

During our whole history, we have been leading the way. Educating people on the best type of plastic for their application, advising on how to maximise yield per sheet to reduce waste.

Most importantly, we are here to help and share our knowledge of what can be done when the plastic product has served its function; it’s end of life.

Reduce… the amount of plastic that is used by improving the yield per sheet and in so doing, reduce the amount to landfill.

Reuse…where at all possible. Over 90% of the plastics we stock are recyclable! We offer a buyback service, where we pay for plastic that is then reground and reused back through the supply chain.

Respect…your plastic. Consider its end of life options. Can it be recycled, reused? Check the label and dispose of with consideration.

Recycle…yes! Over 90% of the plastic we stock is recyclable. It is formed, cut and shaped into all manner of products. Recycle where you can!

Shards of recycled thermoplastic in hands of worker
pile of recycled thermoplastic that will be used to make recycled plastic sheet

why use eagle

We literally sleep and breathe thermoplastic sheeting. All of the team do. We share a passion that has developed over our 25 year heritage to ensure we offer the best technical advice, the most professional support and fastest response times.

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