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Its properties make it the ‘go’ to option for prototyping and 3D printing; available in a range of finishes. It can easily be machined, drilled, milled, sawed, making it ideal for vacuum forming, fabricating and printing.


Cost competitive with tough, rigid, easy to fabricate and mould properties make HIPS ideal for signage, Point of Sale, display and shop fitting. Available in a range of colours and finishes to add impact to your project.


APET is impact resistant and 150 times stronger than similar gauge glass. PETG is fully recyclable and available as UV protected making it ideal for outdoor applications. Strong with glass-like clarity it’s ideal for Point of Sale.

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Distinguishable by its optical clarity combined with its high impact resistance, it’s virtually unbreakable, weatherproof and screen printable. It’s ideal for glazing, protective screens, and a multitude of retail uses such as signage and lighting.


Light weight with a high chemical resistance, and high operating temperature range, Polypropylene is extremely versatile; it has good printability, is environmentally friendly, and impact resistant. It’s ideal for Point of Sale and promotional cases.


Available in clear and coloured options, its high impact , UV resistance make it an ideal alternative to glass such as in picture frames, LCD screens, windows and furniture. It’s easy to machine, fabricate and form.


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