Medical / Surgical

Plastic sheet used in Medical / Surgical

Medical plastics are literally revolutionizing the health care industry! Equipment that had previously been manufactured using metals, glass or ceramics are being replaced with the modern-day plastic equivalent that offers more versatility, ease of sterilization, improved safety and environmentally friendly too!

These days plastics (in their many forms) are widely used within the medical and surgical industry. They replace the more traditional glass, metal and ceramics to make health care simpler and less painful.

Plastics are used to manufacture many types of medical and surgical equipment which range in size from MRI scanning machines to handheld wands being used for diagnostics.

The use of plastics is growing in this sector with high purity plastics being used to make probes, imaging equipment and instruments.

Due to their unique properties, plastics are durable and easy to sterilize, making them a cost-efficient material in areas such as orthotics and prosthetics.

Plastics can be moulded, shaped, machined and formed into virtually any shape making them ideal for medical implants, devices, supports and general supplies such as disposable tubes, cups, patches and gloves.

The use of plastic materials within this sector is virtually endless.

What thermoplastic products are used in the medical/surgical sector?

PP offers an excellent balance of thermal, chemical and electrical properties and used in many applications including MRI casings and surgical tools.

ABS is a radiation-resistant thermoplastic and used due to its resistance to chemical corrosion and durability. It is particularly simple to use in injection moulding and 3D printing, ideal in the medical profession for making prototypes and enables good cosmetic finishes.

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