Plastic sheet used for Transport

When designing transport solutions, developers strive to include the best of all worlds to take in to consideration factors including price, comfort, efficiency, performance, aesthetics and environmental influences.

Plastic as a result is a material which is increasingly being used within the manufacture of aeroplanes, cars, scooters, tractors, and buses. It can weigh 50% less than other materials, which in turn improves fuel economy by around 30%, leading to improved miles per gallon AND reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Plastic is used for a variety of components due to its shock absorption qualities. Look under the bonnet and you will find plastics being used for the fuel tanks. Inside the car, look at that dashboard and seatbelt. Chances are they will be plastic too. Check the outside and plastic is a popular choice for bumpers with around 15% of a typical car’s weight being composed of plastic.

All forms of transport require energy to operate. Cut the weight of the car, train, or bus and you will improve its running economy.

Plastic will not corrode, requires little in the way of maintenance and is highly durable. Come to the end of life, and the plastic components can often be recycled, and reused or used in incinerators to create energy.

Whether your method of transportation is airborne (airplane, helicopter) track bound (using a train), floating (ship, cruise liner) or rubber on tarmac (cars, buses, tractors), plastic has a major role to play. Dashboards, bulkheads, seating, flooring, luggage racks, or stairs. Plastic is lighter, more durable, easy to maintain, resilient to corroding and warping. It is a great all-rounder!

The main types of thermoplastic we supply to the automotive industry and their supply chain are ABS, Acrylic Capped ABS, Polypropylene and HDPE.

Plastics are used to manufacture all types of components and chosen for their unique characteristics.

Polypropylene is used for battery cases and trays, interior trims and reservoirs with HDPE used for fuel tanks, wire insulation, and motor oil containers.

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