Sanitary Ware

Plastic sheet used for Sanitary Ware

Look around any bathroom or shower unit and you will see plastics being used; dishes, mats, toothbrushes included. Look closer at the larger items and increasingly the shower trays, shower doors, splashbacks, sinks, urinals, and bathtubs themselves are being manufactured from plastic. In catering kitchens and areas where hygiene is important, plastic because of their finish and ease to clean, are becoming the material of choice. They offer a flexible, durable, easy to clean alternative to traditional methods, allowing manufacturers to add colour, design and function.

Plastics used within this sector are used to create;

Splashbacks. Acrylic can be used to create splashbacks as an ‘easy to clean’ and cost-effective alternative to glass or tiles alternatives.

Shower trays, shower doors, bathtubs, toothpaste tubes, cotton bud stems, shampoo bottles, soap dispensers.

Equipment – hairdryer components, straighteners.

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