Screen Print

Screen Print Overview

Screen printing is a technique widely used as a process to enhance thermoplastic Point of Sale displays within retail, graphic panels and banners. Choosing the right plastic and properties of the substrate being used for screen printing can seem complex, but the experts here at Eagle Plastics are on hand to guide you through the considerations to ensure you achieve your desired result.

The range of stocked thermoplastic sheets that can be used for screen printing;

Uses and Limitations

Screen Print Uses

Screen printing can be used to enhance products, increase appeal and draw attention. It is ideal for use within graphics and Point Of Sale. Little is required in additional equipment to get you started, with different plastics being used for different applications including posters and banners (polypropylene), DVDs and displays (polycarbonate), bottles, backlit displays and signs (PETG).

Screen Print Limitations

Thermoplastics each have their own characteristics. When choosing your plastic for screen printing be sure to select the most appropriate for the application (or get in touch and we’ll guide you).