What is made out of High Impact Polystyrene?
Typical examples of suitable applications are Point of Sale displays, handling trays, in-store promotional signs, Thermoformed machine housings and parts, model making, automotive and many more, we specialise in dealing with vacuum formers and fabricators and we also offer a bespoke service.

What are HIPS plastic used for?
High Impact Polystyrene is often used for: Point-of-sale displays, Thermoformed machine housings and parts, Models and prototypes, Shelves, Kiosks, Fixtures, automotive and many more. HIPs is a very versatile plastic so best thing to do is call and speak to one our of expert advisors who will be happy to help.

What is HIP Filament?
HIPS filament is an impact-resistant plastic which can be used as a support material when dissolved in Limonene. HIPS filament has several unique qualities that set it apart from ABS and other filaments. HIPS can be sanded, glued, primed and painted with acrylic paints once the print is completed. HIPS is also very light-weight, making it even more ideal for wearable objects.

What is GPPS plastic?
General Purpose Polystyrene, often referred to in its acronym form GPPS, is made from a styrene monomer polymer through a process of suspension. General Purpose Polystyrene, also known as crystal-clear polystyrene, is fully transparent and rigid, and is widely used in food packaging applications and is easily moulded.